File Extension ICA

Driver detective is amazing software for search computer driver. I spent hours to find and try one by one install a computer driver. But the result is zero!

By browsing in the internet, i search program that can help me to find driver that match with my hardware. And the result is i found Driver Detective. A software can find about hardware that we have used.

Just download Driver Detective Program at and install it to the computer which having problem. And just follow simply step that given by Driver Detective. And enjoy your computer with match driver.

System Requirement :
Operating System : Any Windows Version (including Vista)
Download Size : 1 MB (10 seconds on most Internet connections)

OK, lets go to File Extension ICA website. And try to your PC and solve your problem.

Note :

Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) is a technology that was developed to allow multiple users to access applications hosted by a central server. Technology has evolved to the point where each workstation computer may be replaced by compact. Log in to the terminal with the Citrix server and run everything (including the quasi-OS) from there. For this application, then. Ica file storage configuration file required to connect to different servers. The files are just text files and can be opened and edited with Citrix Presentation Server Client, ICA Client Editor, Citrix Easy Connect Manager or a text editor. Due to the nature of a text file, an error message with Citrix. Ica can be caused by a bad configuration data or data corruption. In both cases, this error will be subject to a connection with the server. The problem can be corrected by changing the configuration file contains the correct information. It is recommended that these files can not be changed by anyone not completely familiar with the server's configuration. While editing Citrix. Ica files, care should be taken and saved a copy before editing begins.

Compass is the profile of the identity and evaluation work that is used to help choose the proper training of personnel who are most productive. It is different from most other profile system, which assesses how candidates think and make decisions in the normal working environment. The. Ica (Kompas Best Identity) file system is encrypted file that contains the data to the user responses. Software to create this file when the session profile, and then use it later in the analysis phase. The file format is the property of the Identity Compass system, which means that the file can not be accessed or modified outside the environment of the original software. In addition, the data is encrypted to prevent access as hackers increasingly ingenious. Large-scale errors with these files are not reported, but it is assumed that all data files, as they may be damaged and subject to the operating software. May I also will be the latest software to create. Ica file is incompatible with the version. Compatibility in the other direction should not be a problem.