Upgrading Server HP, Sun, and IBM

NEW YORK - After a long-awaited, finally International Business Machines (IBM) to upgrade servers and other hardware to be more efficient in energy use.

In addition to more energy efficient, IBM wants to be more competitive products from rival products Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Sun Microsystems (Sun).

Earlier this week IBM announced they besutan latest system, POWER7 including microprocessor, storage and middleware will be able to process more data than its predecessor POWER6. IBM promises so that hardware will have more benefits to the electric grid or conducting electronic trading banks.

"Innovation starts from the chip level. Then they could adjust their electricity usage based on workloads," said General Manager of IBM's Power Systems Business Ross Mauri, quoted by Reuters on Monday (8/2/2010).

Over the last few years, IBM's business has now shifted from the field many hardware and software to services. But it does not necessarily make IBM's hardware business to ignore her.

"Innovation sophisticated servers still an important part of marketing strategy to compete with HP, Sun and the latest Cisco Systems, recently purchased by Oracle," said Mauri.

IBM is committed to offering a comprehensive range of products of competitive technologies, competing with its competitors.

Microsoft will Make XBOX Games

Microsoft Corp. on Monday unveiled the answer to the Nintendo Wii. Microsoft in a campaign video, a woman who steers race car while playing the Xbox game-free control system. Software maker says will release technology that lets people play video games by moving their bodies, not the hand-held controllers.

Service that is tentatively called "Project Christmas" (pronounced Nuh-Tall), and will work with one of the company's Xbox 360 console, Microsoft said. "Before any barrier separating the video-game players from everybody," said Don Mattrick, Senior Vice President for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. "Now, with Christmas, everyone can join in using the best control ever invented: you." Microsoft shows before Christmas in front of the audience E3, the video game and entertainment conference officially begins Tuesday in Los Angeles, California. The show comes at the time of transition for the video game industry, after it is regarded as immune to the recessionary economy, but has shown signs of slowing.

Traditional game face new competition from developers who engineer video game for mobile phones and distribute them for free online. Do not Miss Video game industry in the flow such as E3 Microsoft does not use a Christmas, rather it relies on the camera to capture players' movements in 3-dimensional space. Said that the companies that make the system more intuitive and appealing to the masses. This system also recognizes the face, which allows players to enter it in the game automatically. He can identify and follow the voice commands, too. During the demonstration, players swung their feet to kick soccer balls and threw their hands in the air to try to block the goal.

Driving in the game, players put their hands on the wheel of their imaginary switch to steer the car on the television screen. Painting in a game, a man said the name of the color - "blue" or "light brown" - before he was swinging arm to splash paint on canvas digital. No launch date was announced for Christmas, and the price was not discussed. The announcement also comes as Sony and Microsoft will compete to capture the public who are interested to Nintendo's user-friendly Wii console. Microsoft has been seen as a place for the company a more hard-core gamers.

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg is in hand for Christmas and said the event will help reach new audiences who may be daunted by complex joysticks and controllers. "Most of the people just too intimidated to take control the game," he said. "Although the size of the industry, is still 60 percent of households do not have a video game console." The Company said that there was no control-a format that will revolutionize gaming experience. Microsoft also says its facial-recognition software will make a video game character communicate with players by identifying emotions on their faces.

CEO MySpace Janjikan Perubahan

CALIFORNIA - Pimpinan MySpace yang baru, mengatakan saat ini MySpace tengah membutuhkan beragam inovasi dan pembaharuan.Owen Van Natta tidak menyebutkan secara spesifik inovasi yang akan dikeluarkannya. Namun yang jelas, Van Natta mengatakan dia ingin memperbaiki kondisi MySpace yang saat ini tengah mengalami penurunan jumlah pengguna, demikian keterangan yang dikutip dari News Yahoo, Kamis (28/5/2009).

"Saya melihat begitu banyak kesempatan yang bisa dibangun dalam MySpace. Oleh sebab itu saya bersedia bekerja di MySpace, karena ada banyak hal yang bisa dilakukan dengan berbagai inovasi," kata Van Natta.Meski dipuji atas kelebihannya dalam konten hiburan, namun MySpace tak bisa menghindari kritikan atas keterbatasan teknologi yang kalah saing dengan rivalnya Facebook.Hal itu berdampak pula pada persaingan jumlah pengguna. Secara global, MySpace memiliki jumlah pengguna sebanyak 130 juta, sementara Facebook, 200 juta pengguna.

Van Natta yang merupakan mantan eksekutif Facebook mengatakan sebuah kesuksesan harus melalui proses trial and error, dengan risiko kegagalan dalam proses tersebut.Menurut Van Natta MySpace sangat berbeda dengan Facebook karena memungkinkan pengguna menjadi 'super-creative' dalam mendesain halaman situs mereka."Saya sangat percaya MySpace bisa memanfaatkan peluang dari kelebihan ini. Tugas kami saat ini adalah membuat MySpace sangat disenangi oleh setiap orang," tandasnya.

NSN Help M1 do modernization 2G Network

JAKARTA - M1 do modernization 2G network to be on the high-speed mobile broadband in the future. MobileOne (M1) will increase the ability of Internet Protocol (IP) in the 2G network held as part of the network modernization initiative. This upgrade will allow operators to provide customers a better service for the high-speed mobile broadband, setting up the growth in the future with minimal cost and reduce carbon emissions. This modernization will be carried out by Nokia Siemens Networks and will be completed in 2011. Upgrade to the IP network is an important step towards a change in the M1 Long Term Evolution (LTE) and will provide a transition toward mulus 4g.

"Modernization network is in line with our strategy to invest in the future. This will allow us to be ready to meet the various needs of our customers in the future and continue to offer the optimal level of service for them as they felt for this. The introduction of new radio technology This will also allow us to use and manage energy resources and our spectrum more efficiently, "said Chief Executive Officer of M1 Karen Kooi, through the authorized information.

But, Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi Base Station the reach of the award is also a radio system that the world's smallest and most power saver, which allows the operator to cut capital and operational costs. Nokia Siemens Networks also will provide network optimization services and maintenance related to ensure that the quality of the network remain high through the contract for five years. Christian Fredrikson, Head of Apac, Nokia Siemens Networks, said cooperation with the M1 has been started since a long time, including the development of 2G network more than 13 years ago. Being part of the evolution of M1 and to prepare the business for the future is the very moment that plume.