If you see a lot of users that criticize Windows Vista, it is possible that Microsoft makes a hurry for the release date of the next generation operating system. To date the problem, Microsoft has berujar that Windows 7 will be released in 2010. However, the CEO of Asus, Jerry Shen has been planned that the company will offer a laptop that will run on Windows systems 7 in the second year in mid-2009.

I think in the future soon, in the mid-second year, our system will put Windows 7 on Eee PC laptop., Shen Shen said that Asus in Taiwan is bermarkas this, so do not use Windows Vista in the system and then proceed laptopnya system with Windows XP or Linux prainstalasi, until Windows 7 arrives. Shen also explained, in some Asus laptop bersistem that Windows 7 will feature touchscreen interface, with the power of the new OS. Asus laptop that will offer light weight and range in price that low, under the Eee PC brand.

Microsoft has a little secret on the reveal Windows 7, where the application is not compatible with Vista, it also can not run on Windows 7. This is because between the two operating systems have some share the same basic architecture.

Because Windows Vista has less popularity, then Microsoft finally mentioned the name newest operating system, and there may be pressure to accelerate the launch of Windows 7. Windows XP is the version before Vista, chosen more for most business, but Microsoft plans to make Windows XP retirement a few months in the future. However, customers who already use terlanjur can still mendowngrade Vista PC to XP.