Go Green With Digital Printing in New York

Go Green, Use Green, 100 percent Organic, or Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are common catchphrases you see in bold prints and commonly hear from environmentally friendly groups in New York City. Despite being the most urbanized city in the U.S., New York has eco-friendly groups that absolutely uphold the convictions and idealisms that they promote. In fact, the principle they are endorsing is not their own responsibility, but each and every one’s duty to protect our natural resources. Everyone and everything is encouraged to go green, including the printing industry. The revolutionary transition to the computer age has likewise made a similar shift in how printing gets done—prints made by the traditional offset printing press versus new digital printing technology.

Paving the Way for “Green” Digital Printing

Information technology brought us significant changes in almost all aspects of our lives, including printing services that paved the way for the development of digital printing. Environmental awareness has caused all of us to find ways to have less of an impact on the environment. Digital printing compared to traditional printing is a much less wasteful print process. While it does not totally eliminate the need for traditional printing presses, digital printing provides a cost effective alternative which is more environmentally friendly for businesses today. Digital printing offers high quality, fast turnaround printing for booklets, postcards, brochures, catalogs, or business cards with much less impact to the environment. In the past we have all been guilty of overlooking the consequences of the choices we make in our daily lives, but in the long run we must make more “green” choices. Digital printing is a more “green” alternative to other forms of printing and a good place to start in our quest to make more “green” choices.

Win-win Solution

Digital printing employs processes that involve more eco-friendly operations. Less waste is produced and recycled materials are used thus leading to minimal or no harm at all to the environment. It also encompasses the use of inks that do not utilize highly volatile organic compounds, which are the primary cause of air pollution as the compounds easily evaporate at room temperature. With the use of environment-friendly print processes, less air emissions are processed and there is less material consumed. It is a win-win situation with digital printing. Printing costs and wastage are reduced and at the same time elicit a positive impact to our environment. So go green with digital printing in New York. It will help conserve and preserve resources, and the Earth in entirety.

Go Green Act

Environmentally friendly groups in New York embrace the environmental responsibility that the digital printing has introduced to the printing industry. The onset of digital printing displays the social awareness and consciousness they have undertaken to avoid the detrimental effects of pollution and depletion of natural resources. Here is why digital printing is a go green act.

v The digital print process does not require the manufacture of a printing plate.

v The ink utilized in go green printers do not utilize highly volatile organic compounds that may cause birth defects and cancer.

v It uses recycled paper or post consumer waste products that saves landfill space and reduces energy and water usage in the paper manufacturing process.

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