Upgrading Server HP, Sun, and IBM

NEW YORK - After a long-awaited, finally International Business Machines (IBM) to upgrade servers and other hardware to be more efficient in energy use.

In addition to more energy efficient, IBM wants to be more competitive products from rival products Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Sun Microsystems (Sun).

Earlier this week IBM announced they besutan latest system, POWER7 including microprocessor, storage and middleware will be able to process more data than its predecessor POWER6. IBM promises so that hardware will have more benefits to the electric grid or conducting electronic trading banks.

"Innovation starts from the chip level. Then they could adjust their electricity usage based on workloads," said General Manager of IBM's Power Systems Business Ross Mauri, quoted by Reuters on Monday (8/2/2010).

Over the last few years, IBM's business has now shifted from the field many hardware and software to services. But it does not necessarily make IBM's hardware business to ignore her.

"Innovation sophisticated servers still an important part of marketing strategy to compete with HP, Sun and the latest Cisco Systems, recently purchased by Oracle," said Mauri.

IBM is committed to offering a comprehensive range of products of competitive technologies, competing with its competitors.


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