Zlinx Wireless Modbus I/O (Modular)

Modules flexible enough to fit your application
DIN Rail Package
Easy installation, conserves panel space (versus panel mount modems).
3 Ranges Available
Short, Medium, Long range. Don’t spend more money on longer distance radios if you don’t need the distance.
Active Repeaters
Place I/O modules where they need to go, by the sensors. With repeater built-in functionality, you can build up a security path for all your critical communications.
Customize it to your application. Just snap on your I/O and you're ready to go.
10-48 VDC Power Input
Rugged input power circuit allows insertion to most control power configurations. Can utilize industrial power supply.
Wide Temperature-Industrial Grade
Meets most indoor or outdoor applications. Rugged circuitry prevents signal degradation versus lower temperature rated wireless devices.(-40°-80° C)
Modbus Compatible
Interface using industry standard Modbus protocol. Connect to Wonderware, Labview or any other Modbus compatible software. Allows data to be directly brought into most PLC systems.
Additional Features
Automatic I/O mapping for wire replacement applications
Transmission FHSS - Frequency hopping spread spectrum on MR and LR DSSSS - Direct sequence spread spectrum on SR
Frequency - ISM band, 2.400 to 2.4385 GHz
Modulation -FSK, Frequency shift keying
Antenna - Reverse polarity SMA 2.1dB _ wave dipole (included)
Easy Installation LEDs for wireless links and local bus communication Signal strength indicators for easy placement